Smoked sea salt

(SEASALTed organic puffs with a natural smoky twist)

Fancy an organic snack with a soothing smoky finish? We trust your taste in snacks and we want to honor it with our savory creation. Sea salt, freshly gathered from underwater fields in Northern Europe, is carefully selected and then smoked gently and naturally with beech wood.

The sea salt patiently get’s its amber look and almost chocolate afternotes before it is brought together with our organic corn puffs. The rich smoky feel is then refreshed with organic, freshly milled, carob powder to brighten up your day.

Actually, we’ll get a pack right now, if you don’t mind, and be back to write some more, but afterwards.

Smoked sea salt


Organic corn flour (corn grits), organic rapeseed oil, Smoked Sea salt (sea salt, beech wood), yeast extract, carob powder, natural antioxidant (tocopherols)

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