Matcha & Lime (Organic)

(Organic relaxation with no added sugar)

Matcha is considered special by many, is known to relieve stress and be packed full of nutritious fibres and antioxidants.

The stress relief quality of matcha made sense to us.

We like to think that relaxation is a by-product of snacking, so we dashed some lime for further zen-ification.

Natural is better, always, so no sugar was added to this treat.

Only a natural sweetener, with zero calories, made sense to us.

All these flavours come together with our organic corn puffs for a tasty, guilt-free, relaxing delight.



Organic corn flour (corn grits), organic rapeseed oil, natural flavourings, natural sweetener (Stevia, Erythritol), chlorella powder, natural antioxidant (tocopherols)

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