Mango (Organic)

(Low calorie, vegan treat)

It is said that Buddha may have meditated under a mango tree and that a basket of mango fruit is a sign of friendship in many cultures.

We chose to offer our Mango natural flavoured organic puffs as sign of friendship to your taste buds.

Refreshing and stimulating at the same time, the mango notes were sweetened to perfection with nature by our side.

Only a natural sweetener, with zero calories, made the cut.

All of the joys of tasting mango come together with our organic corn puffs for a friendly, soothing, treat.



Organic corn flour (corn grits), organic rapeseed oil, natural flavourings, natural sweetener (Stevia, Erythritol), natural colouring (turmeric), natural antioxidant (tocopherols)

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